Era Password Manager

Era Password Manager 1.1.80115

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Take your passwords anywhere with you securely


  • Free to use
  • Portable and secure


  • Asterisk revealer doesn't work for all sites

Very good

Remembering the number of passwords I've got is often a full-time job. I am forever forgetting passwords for sites and needing to go through the time consuming process of having them resent to me.

The great thing about Era Password Manager is that it does all the remembering for you and can be taken anywhere on a USB stick. Ah yes, but what about security? Well the developers say that it is fully encrypted and there's doesn't seem any easy way of breaking it at least. The program is extremely easy to setup with a wizard taking you through all the essential stages. The other great thing is that this program will never really get old because it allows unlimited entries so you can sign up to as many sites as you like without worrying whether you'll remember your login.

It is however limited to 1 Terabyte of data - which it's safe to say you'd never fill in a million years. To enter new details, you simply copy and paste new logins into the field provided via right-click and paste. A handy extra feature is that you can search passwords by name and it even claims to be able to reveal asterisked password in other applications although this did not work for me. There's tons more included too including a password generator, backup and restore function plus a flag for your most important passwords.

Free, portable and immensely useful, this is an essential tool for anyone with a bad memory on the road.

Era Password Manager (EPM) is created specially to relieve computer users of headaches about lost passwords, typing usernames, passwords and storing securely valuable information.

If you are fed up with forgetting your passwords or having to keep writing them down then it's time to get Era Password Manager. From now on the only password you will need to remember is the one you assign to Era Password Manager itself.

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